September Portal Update: Manage Team Access

We've added a new feature to your portal that will allow you to quickly view, manage and control your team's access. This will make it easy for all members of your team to track analytics and download their own reports.

September Portal Update: Manage Team Access

Our team is always rolling out new products and features to make your experience better. The latest updates to your portal will give you more control over your team’s access — including easily adding and removing members and managing permission levels. Continue to the details below for more information.

Quickly Manage Team Access

We’ve made it easy to view and manage who has access to your portal. Now all of your team members (fleet managers, site operators, the finance team and more) can track analytics and download their own reports, making your operation run just that much more efficiently. There is no limit to how many team members you could add.

Control Permission Levels

Permission is controlled in two ways: (1) by “role” and (2) by site visibility for companies with multiple sites serviced by Booster. These permissions will ensure that every team member only sees what is most important to them.

Roles & Access:

  • Admin — Admins have the ability to access everything in your portal: services, analytics, and details for all sites.  Admins also manage and edit company details and team permissions.
  • Site User — Site Users have read-only access to one or more sites.

Adding Members to Your Team:

  1. Select “Users” on the left side of the homepage
  2. Select ‘Add team member’ in the top right corner
  3. Type in their email address, name, and select access level
  4. They’ll receive an email to create an account

To remove members, simply click the red bin icon on the right side of the screen.

Stay tuned for the many more exciting features to come.

What do you think of this latest feature? Please reach out to your Booster representative with questions and concerns or fill out our feedback form and let us know what you think.