NEW — Save 25¢ per gallon of gas at HPE!

NEW — Save 25¢ per gallon of gas at HPE!

All HPE employees, new and existing Booster customers, can enjoy
25¢ off per gallon of gas!

How to claim your perk:

The HPE-exclusive 25¢ per gallon subsidy will automatically apply once you sign up for Booster using your work email address.

Already using Booster? Current customers must update their existing account using their HPE email address.

Here's a quick reminder on how Booster works:

Booster Fuels brings the gas station directly to your car.
It’s simple and a huge time-saver — no fees, no surcharge, and no catch!

  1. Park your car at HPE
  2. Pin your location
  3. Pop your tank door open

Booster takes care of the rest! Always leave work with a full tank of gas.

Click here to download the Booster app.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page.