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GeoTab's Fleet refueling: The impact of out-of-route and refueling time on business

Mobile fueling reduces the environmental impacts of traditional fueling. Geotab's recent study found that a gas station trip adds more than 20 minutes for each vehicle, and releases an additional 3 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere monthly on average.

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Booster is permitted to operate in 50+ jurisdictions across five states.

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Safety is Booster's top priority.

We have a perfect safety record, and a team of safety experts to help us keep it that way.

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Booster helps replace underground storage tanks.

557,644 Underground Storage Tanks (UST's) have had confirmed leaks as of March 2020 — 44,000 in California. Unlike the traditional gas station, Booster does not use UST's.

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Booster reinvented the traditional fuel supply chain.

As the leading same-day contactless fuel delivery service, we provide our customers a safer, healthier and more convenient alternative to getting gas. We did this through a fresh, new outlook on the 100-year old traditional fuel delivery supply chain.

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Booster keeps communities moving in times of crisis.

Contactless, reliable, and Dynamic, Booster has stepped in to provide fuel to communities who need it most.

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