Booster Cares About Your Battery!

Booster Cares About Your Battery!

We’re committed to making sure your car never runs out of juice — the same goes for your phone! That’s why we developed our app to be battery-friendly, even when you enable “Location Always On”.

Why Does Booster Need My Location Turned On?

Even when you enable “Location Always On” on your iPhone, the app will not run or constantly monitor your location. Instead, we use these things called geofences, like virtual boundaries around your campus, to figure out when you’re somewhere we can deliver gas. If you are on campus, the app checks the last time you ordered gas so that we can predict if it’s time to remind you to boost again.

Once in a geofence, we monitor both location ("Location Service") and acceleration ("Motion & Fitness") to accurately locate your vehicle. Many users want to order their boost as fast as possible, which makes finding their vehicle very hard, unless we have additional data about the location.

How Does This Affect My Battery?

Since our app does not constantly monitor your location, the impact on your battery life is minimal. Even if the app was recently launched, we won’t monitor your location until we need it.

When your device enters a geofenced service area for a specific amount of time, it will communicate with the app for a just a few seconds. That’s it!

Even better, if your phone battery happens to be low, we lower the location accuracy of the system to preserve your battery even more.

How Do I Know When Booster is Tracking My Location?

To know when the app is actively monitoring your location, navigate to:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services

The outline of the arrow to the left of "Always" that means that we’re not actively monitoring your location.

A solid purple arrow indicates that the app is currently using your location:

Settings > Privacy > Location services


  • We only track your location for a few seconds when you’re somewhere we can deliver gas.
  • If your phone battery is low, we lower the accuracy of the system to preserve your battery even more.

Happy boosting!